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The professional James C. Kling is a bit of an enigma wrapped in a mystery cloaked in a shroud of secrecy. Wait. That’s not right. He’s an open book, see unbound copies (resume) below. 🙂

I am a Computer Operating Systems Engineer. I specialize in Unix, and especially Linux. I am a strong proponent of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), but not an avid detractor of proprietary software: I have a belief in community derived works, but that community is not a free-rider society. The best way to illustrate this is Canonical (the makers of  Ubuntu Linux). They give away their operating system for free, since it is based on Community work, and the community at large is free to manipulate and improve that software on it’s own accord, and can even redistribute that software under it’s own label, provided they don’t sell it. Anyone CAN sell an Ubuntu CD – as there is cost in producing the physical disk and S&H, as it were. One can also sell service for said software, and earn revenue from their knowledge of the software and the actual act of installing/maintaining. That, indeed, is where the parent company actually makes their money – servicing the software they redistribute from other community projects. I love that business model. It promotes a knowledgeable engineering base that is not locked up in corporate bureaucracies, and faster development at much lower costs. (Yes, that is a pretty strong simplification, but an apt one.)

I have been spending a good deal of time working in Open Source infrastructure in the last several years- Openstack, Spacewalk provisioning/config servers, Puppet & Ansible, and big data: Hadoop and Teradata database, all in finance, aerospace,  and tech sectors.

My goal is to help companies and individuals who want to lower costs while supporting open platforms.

My resume is available in Adobe PDF and DOCX (compatibility for older Office) , or nearly any other format if specifically requested.

JamesCKling_Resume_03_2018 – in PDF format

JamesCKling_Resume_03_2018 – in DOCX format



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