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The never important, but always included About Me page.

Life story. Reader’s Digest Version 0.16.

I was born and raised in Kokomo, IN,  an hour north of Indianapolis, 2 hours southeast of Chicago-ish.

Met the wife in HS, she went to a county school, I went to the city school.

Lots of extracurricular activities, including Band (all flavors), Boy Scouts, Flight Club (got my pilot’s license!), chess, science and robotics clubs, etc, y’know…geek

Left town and joined the Army, got married shortly thereafter, was a helicopter crew chief for a few years, went back “home” to go to school at Purdue, majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I left school after 2 years because of a job offer I couldn’t pass up- Nortel Networks, as a systems engineer and junior DBA. Economy went nuts, had a couple kids along the way, worked for Sprint and IBM. Economy still hadn’t recovered from 9/11, so I returned to school- this time NC State, and changed my major to a double: Political Science and Computer Programming. Had another kid, did some interning in a lobbyist’s office, and left to go back to work in Computing.

That led to a series of increasingly technical work, and specialization into Distributed Computing, Virtualization, Cloud/Platform-as-a-Service/Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and a move out West. We relocated to the Portland (OR) area last year. I’m currently working for Intel on a Supercomputer-as-a-Service project. Fun stuff.

I still would like to go back to school someday, and complete my JD (that’s a law degree, folks…it’s like a Master’s degree for lawyers :)).  IP/Patent Law- a patent lawyer with real world tech experience would be formidable, I think…We’ll see how that goes. It’s not as high on my list of priorities as it used to be.

Thanks for reading, y’all!

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