The job market is definately improving for those with a little bit of Linux in their CV…

And how. I am getting daily calls from recruiter looking for Linux experience. I am still receiving calls based on a resume I uploaded four years ago, too.

For the record, I have NOT been looking, just getting approached, repeatedly. Like at LEAST 10 times a day. Some days more, but a quick look at my ‘Droid and I can see that barring holidays and weekends, there’s not been a single day in the last three months where I didn’t get at least that many.

Sure, about half are relocation offers, which I’m really not interested in at the moment, but that leaves half that aren’t. Of those, a good half are ones I really have no business doing (mostly because I would be considerably overqualified, and the pay is not in the realm…but not always.) The remaining ones are really in my zone.

I’d been looking to exit the Contract I’m in now (seeing as how it expired back in October, and they weren’t in a position to keep me in that location, nor were they willing to have anyone in my role as a FTE.) I’ve been on several interviews, and had a couple offers that were simply not good enough to get me to jump ship, but that day is coming soon, I think.


**Bootnote… I had saved this to my drafts last month instead of posting…See new post.**

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