Choosing your battles…early adopter or late?

I am not a typical early adopter. I love gadgets, but newer is NOT always better. I waited a year before I got my first iPhone. And I got a refurb. (And I hated it. I’m not a Mac Fanboi.)  I waited until last year to get an Android phone – not because I didn’t want one, I just don’t see the percentage in shelling out a metric shit tonne of money for something just because it’s new. I will, however, shell out a metric shit tonne if a.) I can afford it, and b.) it’s something that actually does something valuable. I am an early adopter for the Honeycomb tablet because it actually does save me a ton of time.  That was not the case for the iPhone, only moderately the case for the ‘Droid phone. Continue reading Choosing your battles…early adopter or late?

Android Tablet Heaven

I have had my Android Phone for a while now, and had been completely happy to have it. However the raw power in it has been diminished a bit by the recent acquisition of an Acer Iconia A500 tablet. I picked on up just over a month ago, in addition to a Viewsonic G-Tablet for the wife. Now… my phone is handy, as is hers, but it’s largely relegated to just pushing wifi so the tablet can surf.

Christy’s G-Tablet is an older, Android 2.2 Froyo device, but it is completely bastardized by Viewsonic. It is a horrible, horrible user experience, and doesn’t even have the Android Market available. Fortunately, Continue reading Android Tablet Heaven

Intros. Jellyman, offspring…offspring, Jellyman.


First post on the new blog site, and I’m stoked. I have been posting in several forums around the different environments, and decided I really just need a repository for the various ramblings I’ve got. My spectrum covers technology in personal and enterprise computing, portable electronics, communications, photography, aviation and aerospace science, and politics. I know, quite a diverse spread there that seems unrelated, but those topics all have stations in my train of thought. Continue reading Intros. Jellyman, offspring…offspring, Jellyman.