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Mustangs, and why I love ’em.

First off, this is NOT a car blog, but if you bear with me, this gets filed as a tech/aviation tag. Trust me. 🙂

I grew up in a town owned by GM. Delco Electronics, at the time a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors, was responsible for the largest percentage of the economy of the county. There was also a Chrysler plant in town, and combined with the GM money, the two of them were easily the source of 80% of every dollar spent within 50 miles of city center. There was a Ford plant to the south, but they weren’t anywhere near as big a deal as the GM/Chrysler plants.

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Getting back in the cockpit again.

I am a bit stoked. I’ve met with a new CFI (certified flight instructor, for those not in the know), and starting back up with my pilots certifications- gonna work on getting my IFR and multi ratings. I haven’t been in the air in more than 10 years, and I’m really missing it. Just starting this blog got me thinking about it, and a few weeks ago I made some calls, and found a nice little Cessna 172 with my name on it. Continue reading Getting back in the cockpit again.